IMPACT Globalization

IMPACT Globalization

1. The impact of globalization in the economic, among others:
Market liberalism and globalization has offered an alternative for achieving the standard of living is higher. The melebarnya disparities in income distribution between rich countries with the poorest countries. The emergence of multinational companies and transnational. Cumulation of a chance to open the property and business and monopoly of political power in a handful of people. The emergence of institutions such as the world economy of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the WTO.

2. Impact of Globalization in the field of Social Culture:
Growing variety of global culture values the capitalist society in the world. Merebaknya western style dress in developing countries. The growth and production of film music in the form of bits CD / VCD or DVD.
3. Impact of Globalization in the field of Politics
Countries no longer considered to be the holder of the key in the development process. The public policy in developing countries are taking the road of development to overcome the social and economic problems. The occurrence of wave democratization (akan longed for freedom).

Globalization positive impact:
1. Easily obtain information and knowledge
2. Easy to make communication
3. Traveling in the fast (high mobili-bag)
4. The attitude kosmopo-tolerant and litan
5. Spur to improve the quality of self -
6. Easily meet the needs

Negative impact of globalization:
1. Information that is not filtered
2. Consumer behavior
3. Create self-closing attitude, thinking small
4. Waste expenditure and bad behavior that mimics
5. Easily affected by things that smell west


Strengthening the Community in the Village of Mount Simpang Nature Reserve, Cianjur, through the village and the making of Regulations Pembentukkan Ranger village named 'Raksabumi "

YPAL was formed in 1994, and includes regional activities in West Java. This organization has five full-time employees and 15 part-time employees, and annual budget of Rp. 100 - 500 million.

YPAL has formed a group called forest guards' Raksabumi 'in the five villages that act as a buffer zone of Mount Simpang Night Markets. Other organizations, such as the local government of West Java, provide technical assistance and develop activities, CIFOR and provide funds


Motif: Kawasan Gunung Simpang Nature Reserve (CAGS) is one of the mountain forest remaining in West Java. Have a wide area 151.64 km2, but this has now shrinking both knowledgeable and quality. Previous YPAL has worked with communities in the eastern part of the CAGS to start saving activities to the forest. Diinisiasi by the program activities of the wood that is agreed to be an alternative to reduce dependence on forests. Society has successfully established four KSM (self-reliance groups) that have orientation protection forest area. However, the existence of the KSM is not able to handle pressure on the forests in the area because some people still become eksploitator forest, giving rise to conflict. This is also triggered by ketidakseriusan forestry officials. KSM who have not yet effective because the capacity of KSM and facilities are still limited and the remote location in the bureaucracy between the parties concerned (stakeholders) is running low and high cost. Given the potential of the community to make a program preserving the area have shown, the YPAL considered very necessary support to create a society independent.

Activities: community development activities began in 2000, with targets rural communities in five villages in the district Cidaun, Cianjur regency, West Java. YPAL activities that are currently running is mikrohidro introduction technology for improving the quality of human resources and economic and NaturLike (Cilik ethical naturalist), environmental education program that is run with BICONS club.

Results: YPAL have successfully facilitated the community to make regulations about the management of village environment and establish self-reliance groups referred to as a "Group Raksabumi" from five villages in the District Cidaun, Cianjur regency, West Java, where in each village consists of 10 members Raksabumi. The success of this program is to bring groups Raksabumi awarded in 2006 for the category KEHATI Prakarsa Lestari KEHATI of Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation (KEHATI) because they have been able to maintain the natural resources from damage, maintain the forest area, conserve and manage biological resources in self-reliance and independent. They have also been successful to give examples of how to keep the hills of Mount Simpang Nature Reserve covers 15,000 ha which store various biological properties, such as Lutung, Kijang, Chicken Forest, and various types of plants. Groups Raksabumi far has handled 38 cases of illegal logging and the action they have evolved into a social movement in the community. Groups Raksabumi invites the villagers to menertibkan governance of natural resources in self-reliance and create boundaries area reserves with the effort to collect and select the seeds planted. Groups Raksabumi other activities is a routine patrol in the forest and maintain sources of water to meet the needs of the community so the community can continue to enjoy a harvest of rice from year to year tend to show improvement. Activities have also been made to provide inspiration for other regions in West Java and a study of the appeal ubtuk other provinces in Indonesia is through the exchange of information and share experiences directly.

FACTORS INTO supporters

Awareness can be improved through environmental programs and the dissemination of information on community participation, supported with consistency and loyalty of the management, funding and cooperation with other organizations and memberlakuan rules that run with attention to harmony with the social aspects of culture and society.


Difficulties found during the main activity is the existence of other parties who want to influence motivation in the community. This is overcome with a spirit level and confidence for people to keep trying to reach the goal of the event.

Funds needed to run the organization in the capital obtained from grants and donations from others, funds self-help and cooperation of funding and provision of consulting services.


Name: Ridwan Soleh
Address: Jl. Paledang 21, Cibeureum, Bandung 40184, West Java
Phone: (021) 6070139
Fax: (021) 6070139



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