Making wedding invitations

Making wedding invitations before the wedding party is likely required for the bride (the party I have Big Grin, but if cuman mo diem2 laen story ... again ...directly on the core issues .... following are some of the needs and the equipment to create wedding invitation ... manually. (economical let......)IdeaOpen-mouthed
Basic equipment:
1) Screen Printing (monyl cloth with framework)
a. Monyl smooth, number: 180 T - 200 T
b. Monyl are, number: 120 T - 150 T
c. Monyl gross, number: 60 T - 90 T.
2) Table Print

3) rakel

photosol be oiled with a screen 199 (for paper) to the average. to note is, be exposed to rays .... time must be spread in the dark room, or if you want to place a red light. Justify photosol as 199 earlier in the picture beside, when dried using a hairdryer or fan ... and ...


for more details, download the instructions on the link below it ...

cara sablon part 1

cara sablon part 2

cara sablon part 3

cara sablon part 4

cara sablon part 5

I can not write all prethel my fingers .....Big Grin Party

in detail how sablon you can see and learn on the file after you download........

if you have a problem with the description of the file you can check here.....


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siip, coy cpet ndowmload cara2 nyablown

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siip, coy ndownload te cpet

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bener bro... kalo gak cepet keburu keluar yang baru lagi hehehehheh.....

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