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You will find below the most popular downloads for the Pinnacle and Dazzle products.

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Studio12.1 Release Patch
Studio11.1.2 Release Patch
Studio&Dazzle Hardware Drivers(Vista)
BIAS SoundSoap2.1.1 installer
Instant DVD Recorder2.6.1 Release Patch (Vista)
Studio10.8.0 Patch
Studio9.4.3 Patch
Studio8.12.7 patch
Index to all TVCenter ProUpdates
PCTV To Go software release1.7
Avid Liquid7.2.1 (DirectX10)
Avid Liquid(Pro)7.2
PinnacleVideoTransfer - FirmawareUpdate
ShowCenter 250HD & 200 21.81 FirmwareUpdate
Pinnacle Media Converter1.6 update(VISTA)

free Hollywood FX

you can add hollywood fx for pinnacle studio support at daclic video

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