Many reasons for picky children

Many reasons for picky children one child food to feel full with milk / snacks (try not easily surrender to comply with providing snacks / milk, although milk both intelligence & child health, but do not just content with giving milk only), children are bored with menu is presented (try to eat whenever she can make a variety of foods, not too often give children food that fast food, it is only an alternative if the mother was traveling out of the house), never had a bad experience when trying new things (to be traumatized children when trying a food, it could be from the way the presentation of the food menu / how to processing), parents who lack patience (try patience in dealing with children who sukit eat, do not easily give up).

So that children want to eat there a few tricks like these:
1. Keep the schedule of drinking milk and eating snacks from lunchtime
2. Do not replace meals with snacks / milk
3. Encourage the child is active with various physical activity
Suggestions for all kinds of trouble eating behavior problems:

Since the Baby:
1. Give only breast milk until the age of 6 months
2. MPASI schedule
3. Not introduce sugar & salt
4. Recommend vegetables and fruit in the original sense
5. Forms a regular eating schedule
6. Teach your own meals since he began to sit

Other suggestions:
1. Delicious food, without the flavoring
2. Chopped vegetables / infiltrated
3. Small portions but frequently
4. Places to eat funny
5. Parents patiently
6. Eating together at the dinner table
7. Turn off the TV
8. Save toys
9. Limit milk & snacks

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