Myths About Breastfeeding

Mother's Milk (ASI) is a natural food first and foremost for breastfed babies because the baby will be able to meet the needs of energy and nutrients, so the baby can achieve optimal growth and development. In everyday life we often find moms who do not successfully breastfeed their babies or even stop breastfeeding her baby prematurely by a variety of reasons. One of them caused by the myths surrounding breastfeeding that is not true.

Here are some examples of these myths:

1. Breastfeeding can permanently alter breast shape?
This is very haunting feeling like the mother who will or are breastfeeding their babies. Actually, that changed the shape of breast is pregnancy, not breastfeeding. Because pregnancy causes release of hormones which cause the formation of water that fills the breast milk. Already filled breast milk would have a different shape to the breast milk has not been filled by water.

So that caused a change in shape is a pregnancy and not breast feed. The amount of change in breast shape depends on the derivative of (hereditary), also by age and weight gain during pregnancy.
2. Breastfeeding cause trouble down weight?
The data proves that breastfeeding can actually help her lose weight faster than those not breastfeeding exclusively. Because during pregnancy until the birth process causing deposition of fat. Fat deposits will decrease by itself in the process of breastfeeding, whereas mothers do not breastfeed is difficult to remove these fat deposits that are specially prepared by the working mechanism of the body for breast-feeding a baby.

3. Small breasts can not produce enough milk?
Breast size has no effect on a lot or a small amount of milk produced because large breasts only contain more fat tissue compared with small breasts. While breastfeeding is formed by a network of milk forming glands (alveoli), not by fat tissue. Thus, the size of breasts does not determine a lot of the small amount of milk produced.

Therefore, give or equipment provided to infants exclusively breastfed for optimal because the growth of breast milk is best food for babies. And to help improve the quality of breast milk to be supported with nutrients containing AA, DHA, Choline, as well as Omega 3 and Omega 6 are essential for infant brain development. All the nutrients are already in Prenagen Nursing Mothers. So, drink two glasses of Nursing Mothers Prenagen every day during lactation in order to help promote and facilitate breastfeeding.


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