Share your video with pinnacle studio 14

Studio can upload your video directly to either Yahoo!, Video or YouTube, for sharing with a potential audience of millions of other Internet users.
Both options offers two preset formats, Best Quality and Fast Upload. These provide different combinations of frame size and video data rate. No additional format settings are required for either destination.
After selecting the upload site and preset you want, click the Create button. This opens the Web Upload dialog box, where you can enter editorial information about your production.

Set the title, description and comma-separated search tags as desired, then check up to three categories in which your movie should be listed.
If you have previously logged into your Yahoo!, account from Studio, but this time want to use a different user ID, check the Login as a different user box.
Unless you are already logged in, the Yahoo! Desktop Login dialog is now displayed. If you have an existing Yahoo! Identity, enter your user information now; otherwise, you must first click the Sign up link to set up a new Yahoo! account.
Studio now automatically creates and uploads your movie. Click the Watch video online button if you would like to visit the Yahoo! Video site in your web browser to confirm the success of the upload.

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