How to Get Back to Old Facebook Profile Page

How to Get Back to Old Facebook Profile Page

Some users have reported that once you deactivate your account for 10-15 minutes you have your old design back, Kindly try this method and tell about your experience, hope Facebook announces a way to get back to old Facebook Profile page for those users who are uncomfortable with the new Design.

Just deactivated my account and put that "I'll be back later" and signed back in reactivating my account after 10-15 minutes and everything was back to normal. Some people said they had to do it twice for it to work.

But some user said it work for few minute only..

Note : Deactivating your account isn't the same as deleting it since you can re-activate your Facebook account by logging in again. This means that your profile and other personal details are still lurking on Facebook's servers somewhere. You may need to contact Facebook directly to actually deleteyour account.

can you help me please...

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