Video monitor and alarm

Video monitor is an application to display live video on the screen. You can use it to watch the door or any place while your are working at the computer. You can set up the timer to detect motion and capture video while you are not at the computer. Use motion detection to capture video to your hard disk for you to view later. There are two layouts for the Video Monitor, small footprint and large footprint. Press on the red arrow button to change the layout size.

There are three operational modes in Video Monitor:

Local Camera

uses a camera connected to the PC as input.

You may select the options in the setup dialog box, as follow:
Timer Recording
Record video data in the appointed time.

Security recording
Select the sensitivity level of motion detection and the way of recording video files.

Video Messenger
Record video of the greeting message, video message of the visitor and replay the video message.

Security Alarm
Trigger the alarm while detecting motion in the view of camera.

Manage Video Message

Retrieve the video message from the database,delete the old video message or save the video into a standard video file.

These products can be bundled with many multi-media devices such as:
USB PC Camera, USB Video Grabber, USB Dual Mode Camera , 1394 PC Camera, Video Capture Board, 1394 Video Board, TV-Tuner Card, Digital Still Camera and Scanner

it's freeware, download here from author.



Personal Sharing said...

Is it supposed to function like a CCTV? As it functions extendedly with other devices, it will be so much helpful and handy too...

Ret-net said...

@: Edwin
really ..
This is the same with cctv in general, is enough to use camera webcam

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