To determine whether a child's growth is normal or not, required periodic monitoring. For infants up to age one year is expected to monitoring carried out once a month, for preschool children every three months, school children and youth every six months. Monitoring included the aspects of child growth and development. For measurement of growth monitoring using weight, length / height, and head circumference. For the development of a child can use developmental screening device intended for parents.

The question is, who's role in monitoring this? Surely the main thing is the parents, in this case the smallest environment / micro is the mother or substitute mother. Mother has a major role in monitoring child growth and development. In addition, the role of health workers to place any reference to mother to ask about the problem of child growth and development.

This is important because the main critical period or during a child's growth is very brief, lasting until the age of three years, and expect every parent can use this time as well as possible. Time will never come back, so parents must have the knowledge and skills in early detection of problems or deviations from growth and development.

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