LOVE, Sharpening and education

In essence, to achieve optimal growth and develop, the baby needs three things, namely child care (nutrition the environment), love (affection), and grindstones (stimulation). Foster needs is the need for nutrition, health care, activity, rest, giving a complete basic immunization, housing, clothing and basic health care.

LOVE requirement of providing affection. Giving love (compassion) will give a sense of security and confidence in children. Basic trust or confidence in the basic concepts children need to be formed early on, especially in the first year of life of children. The point is the fulfillment of what is immediately needed by the child at that time.

Then, stimulation / arousal (Sharpening) also needs to be given early on, even since the age of 6 months of pregnancy. Further stimulation is given in accordance with the stages of toddler age.

Well, all three of these basic needs should primarily be given by parents and people around him. Of course, this accomplishment would be different types and proportions according to the stages of child development.

good luck..!!

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