Nutrition And Stimulation

In the growth and development of the brain and central nervous system there are two important factors, namely NUTRITION and stimulation. Therefore, the role of mothers is important in the fulfillment of those two factors.

We recommend that nutritional factors begun to notice it during pregnancy. Yes, maternal nutrition should be kept. Fulfillment of nutrients according to the rule should run balanced nutrition. In each meal, try to get pregnant adequacy of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

And so after giving birth, from the age of the baby will meet its nutritional needs. In infancy, the main food is milk, give the right of children to obtain exclusive breastfeeding, ie, only breast milk until the baby is six months old. After that add MPASI, ASI provided supplementary food in accordance with the age of the child. Provision of complementary feeding (MP ASI) must be given in stages in accordance with the age of the child. Broadly divided into two stages, namely MP breastfeeding for 6 months of age, breastfeeding and complementary to the age of 9 months and above. They differ in flavor and texture, in accordance with the development and abilities of children.

It is expected that at the age of one year child can eat family foods. For that needed a good example, this example is obtained from the family and the people around him. The process of feeding the child is not as simple as that, one of whom is the learning process. Both for children and parents who provide the food.
Then, the fulfillment of stimulation would be given early, ie since the fetus in the womb about six months gestation. Pregnant women can provide stimulation to the fetus in the womb through the palpability, by listening to music, songs, invited talk, also with light stimulation. Usually the baby form of fetal movement response. After birth, the first is the stimulation of Early Initiation of Nursing (IMD), exclusive breastfeeding, and other stimulation to stimulate child development.
Stimulation or sensory stimulation provided by children, through sight, hearing, smell, and palpability. Stimulation is to stimulate all aspects of child development, both coarse motor development, fine motor, language-speaking, social emotions, and self-reliance. Stimulation is given in a comprehensive manner, every time interaction with children. The time required is not limited to, existing rules stimulation every day for 30 minutes, with a focus on the desires of children, parents or caregivers only follow and give directions in efforts to achieve such development.

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