Development of Infant Feeding

At the age of 0 to 6 months, breast milk has adequate levels of nutrition and is designed to suck the baby's mouth. Tongue-thrust reflex of milk by sticking out her tongue, and at 6-month-old Little, sticking out her tongue diminished reflexes. Little can sit upright in a chair, my teeth started to grow (individual), he learns to chew (the gum). Little also wanted to eat, and trying to grab a meal.

Food early in the introductory phase as supplementary food, in principle, all food should be given, more flour is not sensitive to infants who are allergic, but may precede the fruit or vegetable. Little seen mood fixed. You can start three to four bribes first, then allowed to proceed.

Constraints which often happens that babies reject food, baby wants meyusu continues, food sensitive baby and mother are usually confused deciding instant foods, or home. Mother can introduce vegetables, like spinach, carrots, broccoli. Give examples of foods finger food, give an example by eating in front of the baby because she is a master impersonator. Providing safe as sugar and salt Little 12-month-old.

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