Baby milk and Food Assistance

Baby milk and Food Assistance

ASI as one form of custody is the only best nutrition because they contain a high lactose when compared with cow's milk, then there is DHA, Fe, IgA, and others. ASI easily digested and contains anti infection until the age of 6 months (six months exclusive breastfeeding). If you still want to continue breastfeeding, it can still be done up to two years.

BREASTFEEDING breastfeeding is a process that involves not only foster but the love and polish as well. In the process of bonding that arises meyusui this bond between mother and child as well as the transfer of emotions and spirit due in the first two years is a golden period for the children.

For that child's needs should be met from the various sides of love, care and sharpening.

Then why only given breast milk until the age of 6 months and no other supplementary food was introduced before the age of 6 months?

Breast milk is the only food needed by children and meet the absorption of nutrients from breast milk is good for the digestive tract becomes more mature breast milk. In addition, breast milk provides protection against infection if it occurs in children and reduce the risk of allergies. Found in mother's milk has anti-infective proteins, whey proteins that can not be found in cow's milk and milk caseinnya 35% so more easily digested. Please note that the baby's digestive enzyme needed to digest the content of which is: where the pancreatic enzyme amylase begins to form both at the age of 6 months; enzyme maltase, isomaltase, and sukrase formed at age 7 months, while the enzyme lipase to digest fat is limited and only able optimal age 6 to 9 months. And lipase is not found in cow's milk and only tedapat in breast milk.

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