She exclaimed Decorating Biscuits

She exclaimed Decorating Biscuits

Dea (2. 5 years) repeatedly whining to Mother Santi to be admitted to enter the kitchen, apron and follow-up emakai cooking. "It's not forbidden, but if given the chance, it could be messy!"

Andrian (four years) to join forces Mother Anni doing what the mother. "If prohibited ngambeknya going all day, but if granted, well ... can not finish the job-done".


Child's age or Andrian Dea glad to imitate what the people around him. Should this happen, no need to worry that Little did not have the initiative.

Imitating for children under five is a nice thing for him and part of the learning process. Leaving The small part to do what Mother can do to "game" for the Si Minor. So call your Little to perform simple activities can provide benefits for him. Of course need to be adjusted also to his ability. To be sure all activity takes patience and guidance from parents.

One activity that is fun and easy decorating toddler biscuits. Preparation is done:
1. Aprons for Mother and Little
2. some chocolate chip cookies Toddler or cheese.
3. Black and white chocolate, melted.
4. Sprinkle colorful.
5. Spray bag triangle.

First Lady and Little should be wearing an apron to keep clothes clean. Do not forget to invite Little to wash their hands before entering into the activity. Method:
1. Take a few pieces Toodler biscuits, place on a small plate.
2. Bring Little to choose which cookies will be decorated toddler.
3. While choosing a biscuit, Mother can also begin to teach letters
and numbers through the biscuit Toddler Little.

After completion dikias biscuits, biscuits safe to eat? ... Of course, other than biscuits look lovely, toddler biscuits also contain DHA, FOS prebiotic, high in calcium, 19 vitamins, and minerals.

How? Exciting right?

In addition to fun, these activities can hone fine motor skills. Little will train the ability to use his fingers. Also build creativity through decorating biscuits with a variety of methods. Little of this age are able to understand the causal link. Phases of an activity which was introduced early on can help to train logical thinking Little.

Well, you waiting for? Let's take Little Toddler to decorate cookies together.


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