Tips for Improving the quality of Little Sleep

Sleep is one of the routines that are essential for children. Set good sleep habits will help Little to get good sleep quality as well, so when you wake up, Little will feel refreshed and ready for activity.

Also, by setting a good sleep will avoid disruption or sleep problems later in life.

Good sleep habits is not only relieve stress but also a good time to strengthen the bond between Mother and Baby.

There are no definite rules in terms of sleep patterns, depending on the variation of each individual. But if good practice was done properly and regularly, this will improve the quality of sleep Little. Here are some tips that can help improve sleep quality Little:

1. Make sleep a priority in the family.
Determine how much hours of sleep needed by each family member, and make sure all family members carry it out.
2. Learning to identify and quickly respond to any pemasalahan Little sleep.
Sleep problems often faced by Little include: difficulty sleeping, waking during the night, snoring, declined when asked to sleep, sleep disordered breathing.
Little sleep problems can be overcome with good sleep habits. If Little looks tired, sleepy, cranky, immediately consult your pediatrician.
3. Consistent.
Consistency is key in all things kesukesan.
Without implementing a consistent, you can only expect Little to learn or to change his habits but not actually realized.
4. Cooperation.
It takes a good cooperation between all family members to adopt good sleep habits for Little.
5. Set a bedtime and wake time is right for Little.
The timing of this sleep will help to familiarize himself Little obtain quality sleep patterns.
6. Routine.
Routines are performed periodically to make it as a habit. Bedtime routine can help to learn Little sleepy.
7. Clothing and room temperature.
Selection of appropriate clothing for Little will affect the quality of sleep.
Room temperature should also be cool (but not cold), in order to sleep more soundly.
8. Dark and quiet.
Make sure the bedroom dark and quiet Little (or no noise that can disturb sleep).
If Little fear of the dark, light a small lamp or leave the door open for any incoming light.
9. The warmth of the parents.
Children will feel protected and cherished if it felt the warmth of her parents. Therefore, do not forget to give hugs and kisses on Little when going to sleep. You also need to ensure that Little had enough to drink and urinate / defecate before going to bed.

Hopefully these few tips you can apply and will help improve the quality of your baby sleep.

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