Selection of Seedlings crickets and Prospective Parent

Selection of Seedlings crickets and Prospective Parent
Seeds should be required to raise a healthy, no pain, no disability (tentacle or a broken leg) and the age of about 10-20 days. Prospective parent is a good cricket crickets from the wild catch, because it usually has better endurance. Even if the female parent can not be from wild catches, then the parent can be purchased from the farm. While the male parent cultivated from the wild, because it is more aggressive.
The characteristics of sires, female and male parent which is as
a. Sires:
- growled (antenna) is still long and full.
- both hind legs are still incomplete.
- can jump with a nimble, agile and look healthy.
- body and glossy black fur crickets.
- choose a great parent.
- view select crickets that emit liquid from the mouth and anus, if held.

b. Male Parent:
- always remove the chirping sound.
- the surface of the wing or back rough and bumpy.
- do not have the ovipositor in the tail.
- Master Female:
- no chirping.
- smooth surface of the back or wing.
- no ovipositor under the tail to remove the eggs.

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