Is Safe Use of Powder At Baby?

Almost every mother uses for baby powder sprinkled on Little's body. The goal is to give fragrance to the body and believed Baby can absorb moisture. However, if the powder is safe for Baby?

Most products feature baby talc powder as base ingredients. Talc is a kind of rock minerals that have been through the process of mining and milling to a fine-grained. Through this process, some mineral particles was successfully removed, but some particles that are similar to asbestos minerals remain behind. The particles is what makes talc become dangerous. If someone (especially infants) are often inhale, then the particles are so small it can be left in the lungs and cause inflammation, pneumonia, could even death. However, the correlation between talc and lung cancer is still not clear.

To avoid the dangers of talc at Little, there are some measures that can be done by Mother:

* Choose a talc-free powder.
Usually on the packaging of powder contained the words free-talc. Or, she can ensure there is no talc powder as raw material by reading the ingredients or composition on the back of the pack. Powder is safe to use in infants is cornstarch-based powder.
* Do not just sprinkle baby powder on the skin.
Even if still using talc-based powder, powder brush should be first on my mother's hands away from face Little. This is to avoid powder inhalation and into the lungs Little.
* Never ever sprinkled baby powder on the pubic area.
Although there are issues that talc can cause ovarian cancer, but has not been proven true. But it would be better if she avoided him.
* Never put the powder close to the baby.
This measure is intended to avoid accidentally Little play, dropped, or spilled powder on (or near) face
* When diapering a baby, use cream.
Therefore, there is no evidence showing that the powder can prevent a rash on the buttocks Little. On the contrary, the evidence actually says that the powder is not cleaned on the folds of the thighs and buttocks Little, can cause irritation, although the powder is talc free and made from cornstarch.

So the most important thing for parents is to understand the purpose of the use of powder. The main purpose is to avoid excessive humidity. To avoid diaper rash, the best way not to just give the powder, but the diaper area clean and dry the baby's skin properly.


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