Tips Using E-mail

The presence of computers at your desk will greatly facilitate the completion of course work, especially if coupled with internet facilities, full taste of happiness you have in the office. Besides browsing, you can also exchanged e-mail with your colleagues as well as expand your networking. But if not careful, can-can you one day can be wasted just because you are too often check if there is new e-mail messages that enter or not. To work around this, it helps you notice the following ways.

Use two different accounts for personal e-mail and business affairs
One step to separate the business office and personal problems is to have two different accounts. While working in the office, avoid the temptation to open your personal e-mail. Get used to divide your time well: in the office of the affairs of the most important jobs, while private business can do at home. If you joined the mailing list, try to list them sent to your personal account (which you can open in his spare time.)

To filter e-mails that are not useful
Today many commercial incoming email (junk mail), and the number is sometimes in the tens. Therefore, it is very important to use the programs in e-mail address that can automatically discard junk mail. The goal, again, is that your time is not wasted.

Set the message and the address into your e-mail
Use the address book feature in your e-mail program to organize important papers are signed. In addition to not spend time, using this feature you will avoid the small mistakes such as address typo. Enter the messages in folders, so your inbox only contains messages that have not read it.

Make everything as simple as possible
If you must reply to an e-mail, you should make a return as possible. If necessary, send your answer only with yes or no (of course if possible).

Avoid chat
Whenever possible, avoid the temptation to use the chat facility during working hours. Chat will only make your job dormant, and even performed on the breaks must, can make us forget the time.

if you are using yahoo messenger to control your incoming email messange, i recommended to used Pidgin Chat.

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