How to Make Yourself Satisfied With Jobs

One of the problems that could make our work situation becomes bad is when we have differences of opinion with your boss / supervisor us. This becomes more difficult because of our cultural tradition that still adhered to the two understand: your boss is always right, and the difficulty to express our opinions directly with the reasons shy, uncomfortable, and so forth. This is usually backfire, the job that we had a dream job that regard as long as we want this turned into hell. Each time you arrive at office work motivation decreased because of the shadow of the boss will see the face of fierce, even if you have this job is no longer fun. How do I fix this?

The above events can actually be avoided, provided that from the beginning we apply the following strategies:
  1. Make criticism you receive as a whip to make your career more advanced , Most people are not able to accept criticism directed at him, you know it's reality. This is caused by human nature itself which will react every time he felt himself being attacked, whether it's with self-defense, feel inferior because he considered himself failed to do the job, or more extreme under attack people who criticize it. To overcome this we need to do self-reflection (the most difficult), the way he is: do not regard it as something that is intended to attack our self-esteem, suppose it as advice from people who pay attention to us. Try you think with an open mind, may be submitted by your boss has a point. Its time to face your critics!
  2. Understand your boss's character, To be able to win the war, the first thing we should do is know who our enemy. The first thing you should do is recognize the nature of your boss and to know precisely the moments where he can be invited to exchange ideas. For example, you do not ever ask her to speak at the moment he is busy, is preparing a meeting, or being in a bad mood.
  3. Try to establish a positive relationship with your boss, That does not mean you lick against the bosses but a reasonable relationship as appropriate superiors and subordinates, always friendly with him (but not excessive). Research shows that a person will more easily receive feedback from people who already knew well than to strangers.
  4. Remember, your boss is a man too, This is not a defense to the boss you know. But you have to remember also that as humans we can never escape from their mistakes, as well as with your boss. This means you should never find fault with your boss and make a shield as a defense.
  5. Request time to speak privately, One source of all problems is not going to talk about openly, many who prefer to talk quietly with your colleagues (or a cool term meeting in meetings). This should be avoided early on, way is to ask for a direct opportunity to talk with your boss. Avoid speaking directly in front of people because it will make your boss wounded pride (because they feel humiliated) and may provide a defensive action by denying the accusation that you are bringing. Maybe he was even behind the attack by telling you the mistakes you will ever do. Avoid open war with the boss in front of everybody, because it would be very detrimental to the continuation of your career.
  6. Contact person close to the boss, This is an alternative way when you've done way number 5 but has not received any response. Try you talk to people who are often invited to exchange ideas with your boss, for example (maybe) his secretary, his old friend who often clubbing together, or supervisor. You must remember that what you want to convey is the suggestion, so avoid your emotional involvement with the words or phrases that attack because it might be addressed differently by the other party to make.
  7. Ask the advice of others, If you are still not satisfied, perhaps the input from others can provide an alternative way out is new to you. There are times when other people can be objective in assessing the problems that happen to us.
  8. Take a firm decision, If all of the above does not work, meaning there are only two options you can do: stay in your position, which means also bear all the consequences (which also means you have to keep working with full commitment), or search for a new job.
 Remember... Time is money....!!!

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