Tips loved Boss and Coworkers

Here are some of the things recommended by Stephen Viscusi about the fit and proper way so you will get attention from the boss while you still can work and bring attention to your success.

1. Always look:
Make sure all your boss to see and pay attention to what you're doing, because it shows you sanget impression that serious, committed, energetic and productive. This involves also the impression gained from coming in the morning and come home later in the night, dressed professionally, and attention to many details, willing to lead the project. The important thing here is that you show your ability to show what you can do and show a spirit as big as possible for what you do to others.

2. Always easy:
Viscusi suggests that some bosses would prefer to remember those who like megeluh when they had to let some employees go. If there is a chance to clean up the office of negative energy, then they complained that builders will be the first target. So, live your problems at home, do not diumbar2. Everything you do in the office will form a perception of you unlucky people, so make sure you get a positive impression, attractive and reliable.

3. Always handy:
One part to be good employees is to help each other. You want to show that you are not only important in the world of work into your job, but you are also important to help others and train others, you at least have specialized in one task, but also should have the flexibility to do other things, dare to take responsibility responsibility and try new initiatives, and work hard for what you are asked by companies to do.

4. Always ready:
Many things can happen in business, and you should be able to adapt to any changes there, so do not stop to think about changing your career, even when your job seems secure. Viscusi mengatakjan is crucial to ensure that you have money in the bank to prepare for your job you should loose. Stay learn new skills!

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