Internet connection using an electric lamp

Scientists continue to conduct research to develop Internet connectivity.
Media used include cables, either Ethernet or power cable, such as radio waves to a wireless (WiFi, WiMax, etc.). One interesting effort is embed Internet connectivity on the LED light.
With manipulate the 'wink' (flicker) on the LED light, scientists have found a way to deliver Internet connections of the lamp. Optical connection is in principle similar to the connection via infrared so ever feature the 'mandatory' phones in the 1990s era end.

Between sender and receiver must have a direct line of sight (line of sight) unimpaired. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Berlin, Germany, is said to have successfully developed the Wireless LAN Optics with white LED lights that speed up to 100 megabits per second (Mbps).

If LEDs are used not only in white, its speed could be higher. By combining the red LED light-green-blue-white, its speed can reach 800 Mbps.
Usability and Weaknesses Lights Optical Internet WLAN internet alias this lamp can be used in environments that use wires or radio waves would be difficult. For example, in a hospital environment or in the aircraft cabin. Another advantage of this device is, there is no restriction devices can be connected to each transmitter unit.

Any device that has unobstructed sight lines are believed to be connected to the network. The disadvantage, of course, a diode which serves as a receiver / sender of the signal will be affected by objects or shadows that block line of sight. For now, the Internet-based lamp is still scripted for additional connections, and not as a replacement for Ethernet or Wireless LAN is available.

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