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in some cases, the task manager on windows system is often lost or disable caused by the virus ... when that happens on your system then the process viewer will help you overcome.

PrcView is a process viewer utility that displays detailed information about the processes running under Windows. Among other things, it gives you the full list of DLL's for each running process including full path and version information for each loaded module and shows memory, threads and DLL usage for every process.

  • Full list of DLL's for each running process including FULL PATH for each loaded module - discover what DLL's your process really uses and where they are located.
  • Full version information by double click on any module or process
  • DLL usage summary - displays all DLL's currently in use, shows processes which usesx selected DLL
  • Complete task tree – shows parent/child relationships for all processes in the system.
  • Application list like the standard task manager.
  • Environment and start-up information.
  • Saving any view as a tab-separated text file by pressing F2.
  • Process Finder Tool - drag the finder icon and drop it to the process Window to select the desired process.
  • Monitoring processes running on your computer.
  • List of processes the system runs at the start-up
Please note that on Windows 95/98/Me Process Viewer supports only limited set of features.

If you encounter a problem while running PrcView, please visit to obtain the latest version.

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andi said...

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coba ah... kayaknya mudah penggunaannya,

cakar buaya said...

Hmmm... Sama dg taskmanager.exe cakar buaya

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Ret-net said...

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thanks semuanya bro... aku lama gak online, BTW jika ada pertanyaan mengenai software tsb aku bisa jelasin detil, aku dah pake tuh software lama banget.

Fatkhul said...

ehm tambah ilmu, so can look the work the software

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