Tips for Fast Internet Connection

Did you know that Windows is using 20% our Bandwidth? Windows that actually steal 20 percent of our internet access, why? because the windows Operating System is a want, which is always Up to Date, such as Service Pack SP3 and Vista, in consequence of that he deliberately automatic update in the background tasking us, so to take back our bandwidth and faster connection to do the following:

1. Click start, run then type "gpedit.msc" (no quotes used).
2. In the computer configuration - administrative templates - click Network.
3. Click the Qos packet scheduler - Double Click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth.
4. Click Enabled reservable bandwidth and change settingannya to 0 (zero)% out of Click Apply and click OK. Restart your Computer.

But all of that also depends on the speed of your connection. Tips can speed connection if you use the OS Windows XP and Vista.

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Anonymous said...

trus bisa jelasin fitur2 lainnya gak bro....
soalnya buanyak banget tuh setting2nya....
thank's before.

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