Sick Heart: Signs and healing (part 1)

Hospital Signs For Heart And Healthy Back it back And Other People How to Learn Self And Shame

Each member of the human body designed for specific tasks. The pain is a sign of his inability to perform the task, or tasks that can be implemented in a state of chaos. Sick hand visible from its inability to hold. Sore eyes visible from the inability to see. Looks sick hearts of his inability to perform specific tasks for which it was created, namely knowledge, wisdom, ma'rifat, to love God and worship Him and the importance of all this than any whisper of lust.

People who know everything, but do not know God, as if he did not know anything. Sign ma'rifat is love. Who would know God must love him. As a sign of love is not concerned with something of the many things he loved rather than God.
Who was more concerned with something he loved rather than love for God, means that her heart ached, as the stomach would rather eat dirt than the bread, the stomach pain is wrong alias. Heart disease is hidden. Perhaps the owner does not know, so he ignored them. If any knows, maybe he's not bitter medicine endures, because the medicine is opposed to lust.

If she is patient, he may not get a doctor who can treat it. Doctors here are the scholars. While the disease had already infected them. Doctors are rarely willing to hurt other people treat the sick, so that the disease be spread everywhere and knowledge is lost, the drug's heart and liver disease are both allowed, people just do devotions Zahir, while the inner tradition simply . This is the sign of the source of the disease.

To find out the situation so refreshed after trying to do is to look at treatment of disease. Medical illness is stingy with the property issue, but do not need extravagant and wasteful. Other diseases with their own treatment, such as cold to hot with no more heat and not become too cold, so do not be a new disease. Is required is a middle way. If you want to see this middle road, look to yourself. If you accumulate more wealth and preserve you like and easier than removing even to people who have the right, then know that that is in you is the nature of the miser. So treat your soul with these treasures out. If the property is issued to the person, the more you like, then resist the little treasure, because that is in you is a waste. Do not you more inclined to release or hold property. Make a treasure that flowed like water at your side. You do not require water to stop is not on an errand, or a heavy flow for people who need them. Every day that such a God will come alive.

Someone must be free from any moral (bad), so he does not have any relationship with any of the mundane, so that the soul can leave the world in a state broke up with him, did not look at him and did not expect it. At that time he will return to his Lord as the return muthma'inah soul. Because the essential middle ground between the two sides was quite difficult to detect, even softer than a hair and sharper than the sword, it is not surprising anyone who can get through this straight path in the world, would be able to pass this way also in the afterlife. Because of the difficulty istiqomah, so I was told to read, "Ihdinash-shirathal-Mustaqim" several times each day. Who would not be able to stay istiqomah, let him stay istiqomah to approximate, because salvation is only by good deeds. In the meantime, the righteous deeds do not go out except from the good morals. So let every servant for his own character and conduct to use ruqyah, should treat one by one, and be patient in this matter (because he will have a good circumstances as a small child who had been reluctant to wean, but eventually he felt enaknya in sapih. Even if he offered to feed again, naturally he would reject it). Who is aware of the short age if akherat compared with a long life, then he would dare to bear the hardships of the journey for a few days, to obtain eternal pleasure.

Quoted from: Al-Imam Ash-sheikh ibn Ahmad ibn Abd al-Maqdisy Qudama, "Muhtashor Minhajul Qoshidin, Issue Indonesia: Minhajul Qashidhin Way People Get Help", Pustaka Al-Kautsar, East Jakarta, 1997, pp. 193-195.

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