Savor Garlic For Health

The use of garlic as a medicine has been known long ago. This seasoning contains a lot of nutrients and finonutrien are very beneficial to health.

Imiah studies prove efficacy of garlic for health. As taken from the book titled "Secrets to Healthy Fruit & Vegetable Juices' essay Budi Sutomo & dr. Billy explains Ibrahim garlic can lower cholesterol and reduce blood clots in the heart arteries are narrowed.

In addition, garlic can reduce the risk of cancer, boost the immune system, slow the aging process, improving high blood pressure disorder, prevent arthritis and reduce pain in the bones.

Garlic extract contains antioxidants that are beneficial to resist oxidation of serum fat. Research shows that LDL cholesterol can be lowered without disrupting HDL cholesterol with garlic extract. Garlic extract also proved useful to maintain blood flow remains smooth.

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